HR iPhone Features


Education is the foundation and catalyst for changing the state of human rights in the world, but educators need effective materials and tools they can use to easily incorporate human rights in their curriculum. To fulfill this need, we have now transformed the United for Human Rights curriculum into an entirely virtual online education experience with this United for Human Rights iPad Application. This application gives teachers and educators everywhere a resource to help bring the concepts of human rights to life and make them a reality in the hearts, minds and actions of those who study the subject.

The United for Human Rights curriculum is designed for secondary and post-secondary classrooms and adult education classes in community settings. It may be used as a full course or as a supplemental resource in another curriculum. 

This app is free for both teachers and students.


        <li>Full interactive classroom environment built to facilitate several learning environments, providing tools for both the teacher and the student</li>
        <li>Teachers can use the application to deliver the curriculum to students right in classroom</li>
        <li>Tutors and home school teachers can manage several students at once, and can customize the curriculum for the needs of specific students in a remote or one-on-one scenario</li>
        <li>Teachers can walk the students through the curriculum laid out in sequence on the chalkboard, where the students can fill out answers to assignments and essays</li>

        <li>The lesson plan is flexible, allowing the teacher to customize the material to fit into any classroom schedule or work with an existing curriculum</li>
        <li>Also included is a teachers guide section, which brings the full educators guide and lesson plan for each lesson to the teachers fingertips, providing tools to prepare for lesson delivery and also allow for the delivery of the curriculum step by step using the iPhone directly in class</li>

        <li>The Notice Board section gives teachers the facility to post exemplary student answers on the board for the class to view, as well as the ability to make teacher announcements</li>
        <li>A full student roster is provided to manage students, review progress and assign grades for each student</li>
        <li>Also included is a student grading system, providing the ability to grade each step and write notes for each</li>
        <li>A notification and messaging system allows teachers to send and receive personalized messages to and from individual students</li>

    All United for Human Rights educational videos, booklets and materials are available for download from the app, as well as in-line with the lessons themselves, ready for immediate viewing.